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Jun 17, 2024

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Casio G-Shock has released their second MR-G watch done in partnership with legendary Japanese swordsmith Sadanobu Gassan. The new limited edition MRGB2000GA-1 is made doubly significant as it

Casio G-Shock has released their second MR-G watch done in partnership with legendary Japanese swordsmith Sadanobu Gassan. The new limited edition MRGB2000GA-1 is made doubly significant as it commemorates the 40th anniversary of G-Shock. By blending craftsmanship that has been honed over centuries with cutting-edge contemporary technology, the MR-G Gassan timepiece is a testament to both Japanese tradition and innovation. For those unfamiliar with the Gassan family, they have been the most renowned and celebrated swordsmith in Japan for over 800 years with Mr. Sadanobu Gassan at the helm today. He is the sixth generation leader of the Osaka Gassan family dedicated to this storied craft and currently serves as director of the All Japan Swordsmith Association.

Limited to 500 pieces globally, the case and bracelet of the MRGB2000GA-1 are done entirely in titanium. The bezel, however, is done in a special recrystallized hybrid titanium (Ti-64 and pure titanium) that serves as a canvass for Gassan’s wavelike ayasugi-hada pattern. Achieving this bezel pattern is a complex process that requires building up successive layers of laser-melted Ti-64 titanium alloy powder. After about 78 hours of this building up process, a cylinder is created that is then filled with pure titanium powder and compressed at extreme heat until the recrystallized hybrid titanium is achieved.

While the unique pattern of the bezel draws you in, a blue grey AIP (Arc Ion Plating) process is further applied to both it and to the case as whole. This process is both aesthetic and practical as it results in a subtle ferrous blue hue that evokes an expertly crafted sword, with the plating notably harder than a standard DLC coating for abrasion resistance. No two ayasugi-hada pattern bezels are the same, so each of the 500 pieces will be truly unique.

Looking at more details on the exterior, the case is done in pure titanium that is heat treated in order to create a crystalline nie pattern that can be found on the blades of Gassan’s swords. It then undergoes a deep-layer hardening process followed by a titanium carbide finish for increased abrasion resistance. Finally, note the engraved metal plate on the side of the case that commemorates the 40th anniversary of G-Shock.

Just like the first G-Shock watch done with Gassan, this new MR-G features a bracelet that is hand-finished using the engraved characters yasuri-me (roughly “rasp mark” in English) method which is typically applied to the tang of a sword with the intent of preventing it from slipping. This hand-finish can be seen on the center links of the bracelet as well as inscriptions of “鍛” and “錬” which are marks of the craftsman and Gassan family.

Beneath the anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is the dial which features a hishimaki-gara diamond-shaped pattern. This echoes the aesthetic found on Gassan’s sword handles while the dial’s outer circumference evokes a classic Japanese folding fan. Finally, there are the hour indices which masterfully mimic the curves of a sword’s blade and the hands are finished with multifaceted cuts. The dial is truly as richly textured and thoughtfully finished as the case, bezel, and bracelet.

The G-Shock MRGB2000GA-1 measures 49.8mm wide and 16.9mm thick with a lug-to-lug height of 54.7mm. Naturally, this G-Shock is as tough and functionally robust as it is masterfully finished. Features include Clad Guard Structure shock resistance, 200m of water resistance, magnetic resistance, Tough Solar power, Bluetooth connectivity via Casio Watches app, Multi-Band 6 radio control, Super Illuminator LED light, and functions like world time, alarm, stopwatch, and day/date.

As their second watch done with Gassan, the Casio G-Shock MRGB2000GA-1 is a true testament to time-honored Japanese craftsmanship and a worthy celebration of G-Shock’s 40th anniversary. Limited to 500 pieces globally, the MRGB2000GA-1 retails for $8,000 and is now available at select jewelers, the G-Shock store in SoHo, and here at gshock.com.

To learn more, visit G-SHOCK, here.

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